‘Tis the Season to Revamp Your Resume

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to find a new job? If so, this is the perfect time to get your resume in tip-top shape. It’s probably been awhile since you’ve touched your resume—so I’ve provided some tips that I hope you find helpful.

Use a modern template
Your professional brand and reputation encompasses your personality, presentation, work, knowledge and network. Often times your resume is the first impression—the layout and design matter. I’m constantly surprised by how many resumes—even from millennials—that look like the ones from the 1990s. You can easily standout by using a fresh layout.

Also, you should use a relevant email address (e.g., not aol, hotmail or yahoo).

Personalize your summary
This section should mirror your LinkedIn profile summary. While it takes up prime real estate, it’s well worth it. It’s the only area where you can showcase your personality and highlight your strengths. Focus on your expertise areas, key accomplishments (at a high level) and what you’re passionate about.

Make every bullet count
I come across two common scenarios: a long (and often unorganized) list of
responsibilities or super high level descriptions. Step back and think about what
your main responsibilities were—and make sure they’re represented. What were
your biggest projects and accomplishments? What were the results or impact? If
your description answer these questions in a concise manner than you have an
effective resume.

Gut check
After spending hours and hours writing, editing and analyzing, it’s hard to determine what’s working or not. Ask a friend or colleague—preferably someone in the same profession or industry—to review. Ask if there are areas that are confusing, what’s missing (they might remember an initiative you completely forgot about) and if it captured your essence.

Your resume should reflect who you are, highlight your accomplishments and most importantly, demonstrate why you’re the best candidate.

If you are overwhelmed or dread tackling this project, then consider working with a professional. I love partnering with people to support their passion, interests and goals. And I do most of the heavy lifting. Your profile is the cornerstone of a career change, new job and professional brand. So let’s create something as amazing as you!